| Nov 25, 2013

CandylandWhen you were younger, did you play board games or were you bored by games? Do you remember the game Candyland? Do you remember anything about your childhood? Was it fun and frustrating sometimes simultaneously; playing games, not your childhood. Do you play board games now or are you still bored by games? Have you ever played the game TransGenderLand? Never heard of it? Oh hunnies you haven’t lived until you’ve played.

This is a female adults only game. It comes in a red satin box with matching gold hinges and clasp and a faux cheetah fur handle. The board is rectangular and folds in half. Unfold the board and you see a two dimensional landscape of pastel colors and hot pinks, electric blues, fuchsias and vibrant tangerine. There are pictures of your favorite places including malls and thrift stores.

So let’s play. First select a game piece. The game pieces are all stiletto heels. Pick a color, red, white, black, blue, silver or gold.

There is a pair of pink dice. The object of the game is to make it through a year as a TGirl and visit all of the important venues in the TGirl domain of the east coast. Yes there is a Midwest and west coast version of the game. You’ll have to check with the manufacturer for availability.

Roll the dice and move your game piece. Each square on the board varies from pink to fuchsia, to electric blue to silver and gold. Let’s check out the game board as the pathway winds around and through different scenes. There’s The Raven, Angela’s Laptop Lounge, Renaissance, Triangles, Rehoboth Beach, Moose Lounge and of course towns like New Hope.

Be careful as you roll and move around the board. Land on one of the squares that says, “heavy eye shadow” move back three spaces. “Runner in your pantyhose” lose a turn. “Helping another TGirl with her makeup and outfit, move ahead five spaces.

“Help a girlfriend through a personal crisis, climb the ladder to the next level.

There are ATM machines on various squares. Pass them and you receive cash. I know, there was no cash in the Candyland game. That was for kiddies, we’re grown women and what would women do without money?

As you move around the board only one stiletto can reside on a space at any given time. If you roll the dice and your move puts you on the same square as another game piece you go back one space as we never jump ahead of one of our girlfriends; except the shopping squares since it is always more fun to shop with girlfriends.

If you land on Raven you must rent a room, choose a player and dance together for thirty seconds. If you land at Angela’s you pay the cover charge and pose for pictures; Renaissance you pay the membership dues; Triangles or Moose Lounge you give each player money to buy a drink. If you land on a shopping mall you buy a wardrobe — each square has the dollar amount you must surrender. Land on a thrift store and you get to roll again because you’re such a smart shopper.

Sound like fun?

Oh I should tell you the dress code for the game. Short skirt, nothing below mid-thigh, minimum four-inch heels, excluding the height of the platform, full makeup and hair to match. Fingers and toes must be painted the color of your game piece. Well what’s fair is fair. After all it’s a game for girls, about girls! No worries, the game comes with six bottles of nail polish, one to match each of the game pieces and you can buy refills from the manufacturer.

The first stiletto to make it to the end, the one-year anniversary wins. The game is so much fun you might never want it to end! Ready? Let’s play!

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  1. Sophie Lynne says:

    Oh, I landed on “you’re not wearing THAT are you?” I lose a turn.

    So inventive!

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