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| Oct 28, 2013
Raika Ferraz

Raika Ferraz

Brazil has crowned a new Miss T. This year’s winner in the second annual competition is Raika Ferraz, a 21-year-old model and escort from Sao Paulo. Ferraz will represent Brazil in the Miss International Queen 2014 contest in Thailand. Part of the prize is a free sex reassignment in a Bangkok hospital. Ferraz caused a buzz when she told the contest owners that she wouldn’t take advantage of that part of the prize. She said she is happy just like she is. Read about her and the contest in The Daily Beast.

Charles Busch is at it again. He’s appearing in a production in New York City in which he portrays a bottom of the barrel cabaret singer named Miriam Passman, a suburban divorcee whose showbiz aspirations are much larger than her talent. She’s big on chutzpah but short on vocal abilities. Busch is appearing as Miriam just two nights in November. If you’re in the Big Apple you might want to catch the show at 54 Below. Read about it in the New York Times.

Ya’ll know about “twerking” by now thanks to that 20-year-old daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus appearing at the MTV Music Awards. But that little girl hasn’t got that much twerking equipment. If you haven’t already, meet Big Freedia, the TG/gay New Orleans rapper who is starring in a new show on the Fuse network title Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce. Twerking is just one move in the gyrations done to rapid, pounding bounce music. Check out the story in the New York Times.

Elliot goes from she to he.

Elliott goes from she to he.

There’s a male model named Elliott Sailors who’s making a splash in New York. Not because of his looks or presence on the runway. He’s getting talked about in the press because he’s a she. Ms. Sailors was a top female model at the Ford Agency doing work for clients like Bacardi but as she neared the age of thirty her work began to dry up. Since she already had a guy’s name and her strong jaw and wide forehead were perfect for presenting herself as a handsome man she cut her hair, wiped off all her makeup and is now doing male modeling. The one drawback (the couple feels) is that she and her husband are seen as a gay male couple. She could always femme up to go out with hubby. Wonder why she feels more comfortable presenting as a dude all the time? Read about it in the New York Post.



You may not be familiar with the name Harris Glenn Milstead. Sounds like that would be an attorney or stockbroker doesn’t it? Either something eminently respectable or one of those serial killers with three names. You actually do know Mr. Milstead in his performance alter ego Divine. Milstead gained fame as Divine and always insisted that he wasn’t a drag queen or female impersonator but an actor who played a woman. He died at the age of 42 the night before he was supposed to appear in an episode of Married With Children. His invention of Divine and rise from underground film performer to legit film star is chronicled in the documentary film I Am Divine, which is now playing. Check out the review in the New York Times.

Good news for transgendered people in the corporate world. Nearly one fourth of Fortune 500 companies are now offering their TG employees coverage for medical expenses associated with transgender care. The number has climbed by 19% since last year. Read about this trend in Chron.

Goggins as Venus

Goggins as Venus

The transsexual prostitute who was brought in to The Sons of Anarchy plot last season has returned to the show. Her first appearance came when she was hired to appear in photos simulating sex with someone the gang wanted to get a blackmail handle on. (Get Dina Amberle’s thoughts on the character’s cleavage in today’s Dina’s Diner.) Venus Van Dam returned to the show on October 22 for a more dramatic reason and more of a backstory. Read an interview with the actor, Walton Goggins, who portrays Venus in Entertainment Weekly.

Punk rockers Against Me! lead by lead singer Laura Jane Grace will be releasing their sixth album, the first since Grace transitioned, on January 21. The album is titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The lyrics on the album all relate to Grace’s TG experience. Read about it in Rolling Stone.

Letto in character

Letto in character

The film Dallas Buyers Club is premiering this week and as with all films its stars are showing up in the press as the publicity people start to ramp up promotion. Dallas Buyers Club is about a homophobic electrician and part time rodeo cowboy from Texas who contracts H.I.V. and is told he only has 30 days to live. The film is based on what actually happened in 1985. The electrician, played by Matthew McConaughey, learns that there are experimental drugs that are keeping people alive but they’re only available outside the U.S. and he teams up with an H.I.V. positive transsexual to start a buying club to import the drugs. Jared Letto plays the TS, Rayon. This past Sunday Letto talked to the New York Times about what it was like to take on the role of an H.I.V. positive TS and the process he used to create the character. A process that included losing 30 pounds. Check it out in the New York Times.

Speaking of punks — The gutless punks who beat a transgendered woman in Los Angeles back in May of this year are being rounded up. The woman was leaving her place of employment late in the evening and was knocked to the ground by one punk. Then his three companions gathered around her and started kicking her. The man who knocked her down was arrested back in June. Now comes word that another man has been arrested. Read the story in the LA Times.

Ari South

Ari South

In season eight of Project Runway she was a male and went by the name Andy South. Now, three years later, her fashion designs are still labeled Andy South but her gender is female and her name is Ari South. Last week she returned to Project Runway for their All Stars episode on the Lifetime network. Read an interview with this successful TG fashion designer in the Huffington Post.

Alone Time pic

Alone Time pic

Many crossdressers who have some Photoshop skills have experimented with compositing photos of themselves as male and female giving the illusion that the photo is of a couple but it’s really one person displaying two genders. Now a TG/queer artist from Montreal has turned that idea into a photo series. JJ Levine says that he does no digital altering of his model’s appearance and uses only costume, makeup and the pose to distinguish between genders. Read about his art and view some of the photos in the Huffington Post.

The phony doctor who was responsible for the death of one woman through the practice of “pumping,” that’s injecting things like Fix-A-Flat and industrial silicone into idiots who wanted more feminine curves, has been sentenced to a year in jail on one charge. Duchess, a.k.a. Oneal Ron Morris, is still going to be the defendant in the murder case against her for the death of one of her “patients.” If you want a nicer figure — get some padded Spanx. Don’t go to a seedy hotel room and let some quack shoot bathtub caulk into your ass. The story is at


We’ve already given the Pacific Justice Institute a TWIT Award for their campaign to overturn the rights of trans students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with. Now we’re giving them another TWIT Award for harassing a TG teen in Colorado. They made up a story about her harassing girls in her school’s restroom facilities saying she made comments about what the girls were wearing or negative statements about their figures. PJI has admitted that they think her just being in the girl’s room is harassment. Leave the TG teen alone PJI. You’ve ginned up a controversy where there was none to advance your agenda in California. As we say here on the east coast, fa gitta bout it! The story is in Think Progress.

A defender of the Pacific Justice Institute who helped to spread PJI’s false story about a TG teen harassing other girls in the girl’s room is a transphobic feminist attorney named Cathy Brennan. While an ardent lesbian and radical feminist Brennan refuses to see TG women as women and has campaigned against them being allowed in “women only” spaces like lady’s rooms and women’s locker rooms. Here justification for this discrimination against TGs seems to be the fear of violence and rape which makes us think she should be getting some therapy for her phobia about men, not crusading to keep us out of the lady’s room. Read about this TWIT Award winning “trans-exclusionary” individual at

Twittery abounds in this news item from KSDK TV. The homecoming dance at a high school in Belleville, Ill was disturbed when arriving students spotted a man in a pink dress and makeup sitting in his car on school property. The report states the man was engaged in “lewd behavior” so there’s no telling exactly what that was. What we can say is it takes a total TWIT to get dressed up and go wack off in the school parking lot. If that’s what he was doing. No doubt a case of the fantasy overrunning real life but now the idiot is in serious trouble and the kids from that school think all crossdressers are perverts. Thanks a lot TWIT Award winner Curtis Hutchings. See a video report and read the story at the KSDK website.

And this just in! There’s more on Assembly Bill 1266 in California. That’s the bill that gives transgender students the go ahead to pee where they want. Conservatives are outraged that their poor defenseless daughters are being forced to share facilities with people with penises. We won’t bother to go into just how moronic their concerns are but you need to know that they are backed by people with a ton of cash to invest in getting the law repealed. One of those people is the chairman of the board of the company that makes Jelly Belly candies. Make sure you leave that confection out of your Halloween baskets. Get the story in The Advocate.

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