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Perpetual Change — Rouge Mary

| Apr 6, 2015 | Comments (0)

Perpetual Change features an interview with Rouge Mary, one of the vocalists who works with Hercules and Love Affair. Rouge Mary also sings with other groups and comes from a gospel music background. Speaking of gospel, there’s music news about Rev. Yolanda. Plus other music news and mini reviews of new music from Marina and The Diamonds and Avener. Read about it and listen to sample tracks in Perpetual Change.

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Perpetual Change — Music & Entertainment News

| Mar 9, 2015 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff has a review of the Georgie Jessup documentary film, Woman in A Man’s Suit and video of Georgie performing the song the title is based on. Then Pamela digs into music news about trans artists Storm Florez, Rev. Yolanda, Shawna Virago and finished up the column with mini music reviews on the latest CD releases by Rumer, Olly Murs, Jimmy Somerville and Zara Larson.

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Perpetual Change — Moon Baby

| Feb 9, 2015 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff interviews Pittsburgh, Pa. based performance artist, singer, and drag personality Moon Baby. She tells Pamela that she “came to earth after a brief affair with Neil Armstrong” and settled in Pittsburgh. She performs with a band named Massage Parlour and they have an album and 2 EPs available. After introducing you to Moon Baby Pamela has more entertainment news and a mini review of a new CD by 2Cellos.

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Perpetual Change — Scotty The Blue Bunny

| Jan 12, 2015 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff interviews Scotty The Blue Bunny. There is only one Blue Bunny and Scotty is it. Who is this bunny boldly cavorting in blue? Well he’s not the Easter Bunny. That’s for sure. Learn all about the big blue gay bunny and get some mini-reviews of new music and some news about some of your favorite musical artists.

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Perpetual Change — Year End Music Review/Shopping Guide

| Dec 15, 2014 | Comments (0)

Every year at year’s end Pamela DeGroff makes and list, checks it twice, and then puts it in her Perpetual Change column here on TGForum. Her list is a compilation of the music she has reviewed during the year so you are reminded of how great the artists are and will go to their websites, Amazon and iTunes to give the gift of music. She calls it the Year End Music Review/Shopping Guide.

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Perpetual Change: Music — Drag rockers Jodi Jolt and The Volt

| Nov 17, 2014 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff interviews drag rockers Jodi Jolt and The Volt. The band is from Rhode Island and it performs all around New England. Learn all about them in the interview. Then Pamela does mini reviews of several new music offerings you may want to listen, dance to — or both. We feature tracks from the artists and some video. Check out news from the music segment of entertainment in Perpetual Change.

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Perpetual Change: Hedwig CD Review and More

| Sep 22, 2014 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff reviews the Broadcast CD of Hedwig and the Angry Inch which features Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig. Pam finds that Doogie Howser has a good hard rock voice and uses it to good effect. Pam has audio clips so you can hear samples from some of the songs. Then she has news about Beth Isbell, Coco Peru, Justin Vivian Bond and Storm Florez. Does she stop there? No, she goes on with a mini review to he new Arianna Grande CD and has a mini-mini review of Cherry Cherry Boom Boom with a full track to listen to.

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Perpetual Change: Pepperspray and The Shondes

| Jul 28, 2014 | Comments (0)

Today our music columnist Pamela DeGroff reviews two tracks from the Pepperspray EP that she didn’t have access to last month. Then she interviews the violinist with The Shondes, Elijah Oberman, and we have a video of the band performing in Europe. Them Pam brings you music news about Our Lady J and a mini review of the latest from Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo. If music is something you love then tune into the TG music (and music TGs will love) scene in Perpetual Change.

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TransVocalizers — Jade London

| Jul 14, 2014 | Comments (0)

Our music correspondent Pamela DeGroff interviews Canadian drag sensation Jade London about what she’s been up to recently. That includes a new song called Go Away (a cover of a K-pop song by 2ne1), her fashion design career. makeup artist and hair stylist career, and how she ever finds time to do her music videos. We feature her newest video and Pam does mini reviews, including one on a CD from a band named Clean Bandit that you can listen to right here.

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Perpetual Change: Pepperspray news & Angela Bucky Motter

| Jun 30, 2014 | Comments (0)

It’s all about the music! The TG music that is. Today Pamela DeGroff brings you music from the California drag band Pepperspray. Three tracks from their last EP are available on Soundcloud and Pamela reviews them and embeds them for your listening pleasure. Then she interviews genderqueer musician and songwriter Angela Bucky Motter and provides a mini-review of a band you may be listening to on the radio soon, Rixton. And you can watch Rixton’s music video, too. Perpetual Change — it’s all about the music!

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TransVocalizers — Videos from Coco Peru & Calperina Addams

| Jun 16, 2014 | Comments (0)

It’s Pride Month and in honor of that Coco Peru has made her first music video for a song entitled Show Me Your Pride. Long time fans and followers of Coco know that she has spent years perfecting the stage persona and comedic character of Coco. A music video is new territory for her, but you’d never know […]

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Perpetual Change — Video from Georgie Jessup

| Jun 2, 2014 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff reviewed the forthcoming album by Georgie Jessup several months ago because Georgie sent her an very advance copy. Now, with the album release set for this month Pamela revisits Georgie Jessup by presenting a video of the album’s first single. Watch “Red Cloud’s Room” and listen to an outstanding TG artist. Then Pamela does some of her mini-reviews of new music from artists who may or may not be TG but are worth checking out. It’s in the longest running column on TGF, Perpetual Change.

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TransVocalizers: Meet Martha Graham Cracker

| May 19, 2014 | Comments (0)

Pam DeGroff interviews the “world’s tallest and hairiest drag queen” Martha Graham Cracker, a Philadelphia, Pa. sensation who is taking her hairy drag persona nationwide with a trip to Texas in the near future. Graham Cracker is an actor, dancer and vocalist who hostesses a weekly cabaret show in Philadelphia. Meet her and get TG music news and some mini-reviews of new music — and a cute cat video — in TransVocalizers.

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Perpetual Change – TG Music

| May 5, 2014 | Comments (0)

Pamela DeGroff introduces you to a San Francisco band called Pepperspray. They combine The Spice Girls with the Sex Pistols and pull drag into the heart of rock and roll. Pam interviews vocalist Precious Moments and we learn all about Pepperspray. Then Pam bring us music news from Georgie Jessup and Coco Peru along with others, and does a couple of mini-reviews of new CDs. Meet Pepperspray and keep up with the TG music scene with Perpetual Change.

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TransVocalizers — Pam Reviews the New Boy George CD

| Mar 24, 2014 | Comments (0)

TransVocalizers is our column devoted to transgender singers. Today Pamela DeGroff reviews a new CD from Boy George. While the Boy isn’t exactly a transgender vocalist he was an inspiration to many CDs and TGs when he appeared in decidedly feminine makeup and attire with Culture Club. Pamela also provides you with some music news from TG artists who are active in the music scene.

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Perpetual Change — The Sexual Side Effects

| Mar 10, 2014 | Comments (0)

As a musician, I’ve been an ensemble player forever. (Bass player, therefore part of the rhythm section.)Longtime readers know that I’m also very much into instrumental music, but nonetheless prefer a band format most of the time. So, it’s always a treat for me to come across a band that’s new to me. Atlanta based […]

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TransVocalizers — Raven-O

| Feb 24, 2014 | Comments (0)

The New York City drag scene of the ’80s and ’90s was dominated by just a few star names. Among them were Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, Sherry Vine and Raven O. Pam DeGroff has tracked down Raven O and in this TransVocalizers column she brings you an interview. In the years since the heyday of the NYC drag scene much has changed. Including Raven, who has given up drag. TVocalizers also has new music and TG music news. Don’t miss a beat — read TransVocalizers.

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Perpetual Change — TG Music!

| Feb 10, 2014 | Comments (0)

Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia (the Rocking Horse was added because there is another Michelle Garcia) is a transgendered musician and songwriter who lives Nashville. She has recorded a complete redo of an early CD titled Spanish Traveler and today Pamela DeGroff brings you a review of the new version. Pam also had new music news about Boy George, Berlin and other artists.

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TransVocalizers: J.D. Doyle

| Jan 27, 2014 | Comments (0)

Today Pamela DeGroff breaks with the usual format of TransVocalizers, which is to feature TG artists who sing, and interviews a man who produced a compilation CD featuring transgendered artists who sing, as well as drag queens, and others who gravitate more toward the T in LGBT. Meet J. D. Doyle, the producer, and learn about the House Blend CD.

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Perpetual Change — Jay Jay

| Jan 13, 2014 | Comments (0)

Today Pamela DeGroff catches up with Philadelphia based transgendered musician and singer Jay Jay. in the midst of her transition Jay Jay manages to perform locally four to 12 times a month. For live appearances she relies heavily on cover tunes but this sexy singer is also a songwriter and is planning to release a CD of her original songs this year. Meet Jay Jay today and get some other TG music news in Perpetual Change.

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TransVocalizers: CD Review — “God Shave The Queen!”

| Dec 30, 2013 | Comments (0)

While cruising around the Internet our intrepid music columnist Pamela DeGroff came across a drag queen music classic. She stumbled onto a copy of a 1996 CD release called God Shave The Queen! it features music by 10 artists, most drag queens and the musical genres range from dance to funk, smooth jazz to cabaret, and more. The CD is still available online so check out Pamela’s review and see if you’d like to add it to your music collection.

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Perpetual Change — Year End Buyer’s Guide/Music Review

| Dec 16, 2013 | Comments (0)

It’s a holiday tradition at TGForum that our music columnist Pamela DeGroff uses the last month of the year to review the best of the TG music she has reviewed throughout the year. In today’s column Pamela revisits Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia, Rev. Yolanda, Georgie Jessup, Vicki Estrada, Namoli Brennet, BeThisBell and Ryan Cassata. She also has music news and two mini CD reviews. For everything musical check out Perpetual Change.

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TransVocalizers: TG Music 2013

| Dec 2, 2013 | Comments (0)

As is her custom in the final month of the year our music columnist Pamela DeGroff devotes her columns to a review of the best music she has introduced us to during the year. Today she has Willam Belli, Foxx Jazell, Sylvester, and KOKUMO among the artists she pulls from the past year and gives a final mention to. Plus a couple of mini-reviews and some TG music news.

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Perpetual Change: Two Reviews — Beth Isbell and Ryan Cassata

| Nov 18, 2013 | Comments (0)

Perpetual Change is all about music — music by transgendered musicians and music that TGs may find fun to listen or dance to. Today Pamela DeGroff, our hard working music columnist, reviews two CDs by TGs. “We Are The Gods” by Beth Isbell, and “Jupiter, It Won’t Be Long” by Ryan Cassata. And is that all you get? No! Pamela gives us music news about Rev. Yoland, David de Alba and the House Blend CD. Plus! Three mini-reviews of new music.

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TVocalizers: CD Review — There Will Come A Day by KOKUMO

| Nov 4, 2013 | Comments (0)

Today Pamela DeGroff brings you a review of KOKUMO’s EP “There Will Come a Day.” She also has music news about Coco Peru, Georgie Jessup and Jennifer Leitham and some mini reviews of new CDs by artists you will be hearing on the dance floor at your favorite club. If you love music check out the contents of today’s TransVocalizers.

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TransVocalizers — Kokumo

| Oct 7, 2013 | Comments (0)

Today Pam DeGroff’s TVocalizer is the multi-talented Kokumo. She’s a songwriter, singer, actress and political and social activist who is a champion for the rights of black transwomen. She owns a media production company and has released an extended play CD to be followed next year by her second EP. If Sylvester and Grace Jones had gotten together and had a child that would be Kokumo. Meet her and get TG music news and some mini-CD reviews in TransVocalizers.

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