Lorraine Anderson

Lorraine Anderson

I am a native Californian who has been based in the Philadelphia area since 1984. My first CD fashion creation was a gold lamé dress for the now esteemed editor of this publication. Since then I have made tons of fabulous frocks and other fashion apparel for the crossdressing and transgender community. Visit my website, The Occasional Woman or my Facebook page.

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Work the Classics!

| Jan 22, 2018 | Comments (0)

Lorraine Anderson, the woman in charge at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service has advice that will never leave you standing in front of your closet saying “I don’t have a thing to wear.” She suggests investing in the classic pieces of attire that can be accessorized for any occasion. From the Little Black Dress to a denim jacket, Ms. Anderson tells you what you’ll need to pull a look together.

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Holiday Party? Highlight Your Strengths

| Dec 25, 2017 | Comments (1)

Our seamstress with fashion tips, Lorraine Anderson, proprietor of The Occasional Woman custom clothing service, has some suggestions for how to dress to impress for holiday parties without buying a whole new wardrobe. Since this is Christmas Day and the majority of Christmas parties are over use the next week to prepare for your New Year’s Eve affair. You’re sure to turn heads and make an impression with Lorraine’s budget fashion tips.

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The Occasional Woman — Holiday Bargains!

| Nov 27, 2017 | Comments (1)

The holidays are a time when there are parties, events, social gatherings, and it’s expected that a lady will show up in something elegant, sexy and beguiling. How do you accomplish that on a budget that may have been over stretched with other holiday expenses? Lorraine Anderson, the lady in charge at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service recommends you dig for bargains. She suggests some places near her Philadelphia area headquarters.

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Have a Scary but Comfortable Halloween

| Oct 30, 2017 | Comments (0)

Lorraine Anderson, the costumer behind The Occasional Woman, is all about costumes and Halloween fun. She has been making costumes and wearing costumes for as long as we’ve known her. In this pre-Halloween post she brings up the things you need to keep in mind as you prepare to dazzle the world in that Wonder Woman outfit or Emma Peele cat suit. Will you be able to relieve yourself and get back into your costume? Will those shoes allow you to walk normally all night or will you turn into a limping disgrace before midnight? Read on for Lorraine’s guide to a sensational, trouble-free Halloween.

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The Occasional Woman — Fall Fashion

Today’s topic in Lorraine Anderson’s The Occasional Woman column is fall fashion. It’s that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when sandals get put away, bare legs get covered by tights and over-the-knee socks, and bright floral prints take a rest until next spring. Out come the “moody” dark florals with cute jackets, scarves, and sweaters. What are the trends to watch? Lorraine has read Vogue from cover to cover and taken notes. She passes the knowledge gained, along with her own fashion wisdom, on to you.

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The Occasional Woman: Passing!

Every male who dresses up in feminine attire has individual needs to meet. Some want to blend in with the female population seamlessly. Others want to proudly put themselves out there in fashion forward looks that draw attention and have those nearby saying to their companions, “You mean that’s a man?” If your goal is to blend in, for whatever reason, then you won’t want to miss Lorraine Anderson’s Occasional Woman column today. She talks you through the biggest “tells” that make others suspect you are not what you appear to be. And we include a video on how to walk in high heels. What more could you want?

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The Occasional Woman — Summer Clothes

It’s summertime, summertime and Lorraine Anderson, proprietor of The Occasional Woman, has some tips for your summer attire. This column was first published in 2014 but her advice remains timeless. Follow her guidelines put forth in this post and spend the remainder of your summer in fashionable comfort. Ignore her words and be prepared for the consequences. Lorraine says “If it doesn’t fit, you must toss it.” Read on for more words of fashion wisdom from The Occasional Woman.

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The Occasional Woman — Summer Fabrics

| Jul 10, 2017 | Comments (0)

Fiber is not only good for you digestive system. In hot summer weather natural fiber clothing is more comfortable. Today Lorraine Anderson, head seamstress at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service, discusses the benefits of all natural fibers. The choices available include linen, cotton, silk, and hemp, among others. Each offers different properties but all of them, when used to create a summer frock, will help to keep you cool and dressed well.

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The Occasional Woman: Undergarments

| Jun 19, 2017 | Comments (0)

Wearing women’s clothing is something you have to teach yourself if you want to look comfortable and poised in a dress or separates. Even the best coordinated outfit, when you’ve done your best to match your shoes and handbag to the color of the tiny blue flowers in your floral print dress, will not look as nice as it should if you don’t have the proper foundation garments doing their job underneath your dress. Today Lorraine Anderson brings undergarments out into the open and gives you some ideas on what to wear.

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The Occasional Woman: Make Sure it Fits

| May 15, 2017 | Comments (0)

So you found the perfect little floral print spring dress and it’s, heaven’s to Betsey, in your size. You love everything about it from the tiny flower pattern to the cut, and the flouncy skirt. And to make it even better it’s clearance priced! You take it home, without trying it on since using the changing room in the lady’s department makes you nervous, and learn that “little” is right. It’s too tight. Even though it is your size it’s either mislabelled or just “runs small.” Fit is very important. If you’re worried about popping buttons, or if you can’t raise your arms you’re won’t make a great impression. Today Lorraine Anderson talks about the importance of fit.

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The Occasional Woman — Spring & The ’50s Look

| Apr 17, 2017 | Comments (0)

We leave winter behind and step into spring! And the fashions we wear are a step back — to the ’50s. Retro looks and feminine touches are all the rage and today Lorraine Anderson, head seamstress at The Occasional Woman, gives you ideas for how to be fun, floral and femme for the new season. Kitten heels, cinched waists, and full skirts decorated with floral prints will have you feeling all girly and glam.

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The Occasional Woman

| Mar 27, 2017 | Comments (1)

Some members of the trans community, especially on the crossdressing end of the spectrum, love to dress sexy, or some would say slutty. That causes a bit of conflict with those who feel all trans folk should blend in with other ladies of their age in their surroundings. To be tastefully dressed and attractive as a woman is what they feel the goal to be. Today The Occasional Woman looks at the fashion mistakes a girl can make and cautions against them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t ever wear that extreme mini with those ten inch platform pumps. Just think a bit about the impression you intend to make on your audience. If you’re hoping to hear “Look at that sexy slut” then go for it. If you want advice on being sultry while sedate give this post a read.

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The Occasional Woman: Dressing for our Winter Spring

| Feb 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

In the north east we are having an odd spring-in-the-middle-of-winter week. Temperatures will be in the area of 50 to 60 degrees F. all week long. No need for that long wool or down filled coat. Time to shave your legs and wear nude hose. You can forsake the warmth of heavy leggings, layered sweaters and fur lined boots for more spring-like attire. Lorraine Anderson, the seamstress who runs The Occasional Woman custom clothing service, says keep in mind — it will get cold again. So use this warm period to find clearance bargains on coats. And during the warmer week pick up a cool moto jacket. One of those motorcycle jackets that are fashionable and look great with a feminine flouncy skirt.

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The Occassional Woman — Let’s Go Shopping!

| Jan 23, 2017 | Comments (0)

It’s the time of year when a woman’s thoughts turn to bargains. Lorraine Anderson is not only an accomplished seamstress and custom clothing creator, which she does under the business name The Occasional Woman, but she is an accomplished bargain shopper. Today, while devoted to the bargains spots to be found in her local Philadelphia area, she has tips on where to get great clothes at bargain prices. Some of the spots she mentions are in national chains and others are local thrift shops.

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The Occasional Woman — New Year’s Eve Sparkle

| Dec 26, 2016 | Comments (0)

New Year’s Eve! It’s the one night you can throw caution to the winds and wear whatever outrageous sequined, sparkly, snake print, feathered outfit you want. It’s a celebration and the best way to celebrate is in those sparkling 4 inch heels, that skin tight red dress and a ton of zircons, or real diamonds if you’ve got ’em. Lorraine Anderson, woman in charge at The Occasional Woman sewing service, has some tips on how to rock that New Year’s Eve party.

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The Occasional Woman — Winter Accessories!

| Nov 28, 2016 | Comments (0)

It’s time to think about your winter accessories and Lorraine Anderson has some suggestions that will brighten your outfit and your perception of the cold, dark winter nights. When stepping out in your black winter coat and black boots add some color with a scarf. Or brighten things up with colorful, or patterned gloves. There no need to be gloomy and gray when accessories that “pop” can save the day! Get some hints and tips on how to enhance your look this winter in today’s edition of The Occasional Woman.

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Winter is Coming. You Need a New Coat!

| Oct 31, 2016 | Comments (0)

The weather has been changeable with warm days, almost like summer, and then cooler, rainy days. But the big change to solid fall and winter will be with us soon. Of course that means one thing. Coat shopping! Today Lorraine Anderson, head seamstress at The Occasional Woman, counsels color when choosing new autumn and winter outerwear. There’s nothing like a dash of color to brighten up a dreary winter day. Lorraine tells you what to look for on your coat quest.

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The Occasional Woman — It’s Fall! Stay Colorful

Some people feel that with the fall season comes a return to darker colors. They see black tights with brown and gray skirts and tops as appropriate for the season as the weather turns cold and damp. Lorraine Anderson, the woman behind The Occasional Woman custom clothing and alteration service says “Pshaw!” There’s no need, in her view, that fall clothes need to be drab clothes. A colorful top paired with a dark skirt and hose can lighten your mood as the chill winds of autumn blow. Give her fashion post a read and pick up some tips on how to stay bright in this darker season.

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The Occasional Woman — Better Check Twice

What’s the last thing you do before you leave the house? Check your lipstick? Make sure you have everything in your purse? Ascertain that your cat has food in its bowl? In showbiz when the actors are ready to go on the set to shoot their scene the hair, wardrobe and makeup people all take what’s called a “last look.” That’s an overall check to make sure everything is right. That’s what The Occasional Woman recommends you take a moment to do before you walk out the door for you next adventure en femme. It can save you some embarrassment.

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The Occasional Woman — Get Ready for Halloween

In the heat of August the last thing on your mind is a costume for Halloween. It’s hot and sticky outside and you can’t begin to think about corsetry, velvet and elaborate wigs and makeup. But, if you want to look great at the big Halloween party, and maybe even win a costume prize, you should start working on your Halloween costume idea right now. Fortunately there is an experienced seamstress and costume designer who can help you create a fabulous October 31st look. She’s or very own Lorraine Anderson, proprietor of seamstress service known as The Occasional Woman.

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The Occasional Woman — Color!

| Jul 18, 2016 | Comments (0)

Lorraine Anderson counsels those who wish to be stylish, add some colors to your wardrobe! But don’t just toss on any color dress and head out. Different colors bring out different aspects of your natural coloring. Pinks can soften your look. Fuschia bring a vibrant touch. And we all know black can be slimming, but there’s no need to dress all in black to get that effect. Read on for Lorraine’s tip on adding color to your wardrobe.

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The Occasional Woman “Must-haves”

| Jun 13, 2016 | Comments (1)

Oftentimes department stores send out lists of “must-have” items. If a lady wishes to stay trendy then she simply has to have the listed items in her wardrobe, and by some strange coincidence, those trendy items just happen to be on sale. Today Lorraine Anderson, the seamstress behind The Occasional Woman service, takes a look at a list of items you just can’t live without this summer. Or can you?

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The Occasional Woman — Spring Fashion

| Apr 18, 2016 | Comments (0)

Today Lorraine Anderson, owner and operator of the seamstress service The Occasional Woman, discusses whether or not you really, really need those “must have” fashion items that the stores and magazines say you can’t live without. Rompers? The “New Shorts”? Are they really as important as all that? Lorraine has some ideas on the subject.

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The Occasional Woman — Spring is in the Air

| Mar 21, 2016 | Comments (0)

Spring is in the air and spring fashion is on lady’s minds. We all want to look stylish and many love to be on trend but are all the spring fashions right for everyone? Lorraine Anderson, seamstress from The Occasional Woman and fashion maven, has some thoughts on the matter. Find out what Lorraine recommends when it comes to designer trends like “cold shoulders” and “paper bag” waistlines.

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The Occasional Woman: Makeup!

| Feb 22, 2016 | Comments (0)

Lorraine Anderson, the seamstress behind The Occasional Woman custom clothing business, wrote last month about something she is not an expert on. She took on the subject of makeup. — something she normally wears very little of. But, at the prodding of friends and family, she decided to write about makeup both before and after a professional makeover. Today, after she visited the Urban Decay makeup counter and had the makeover, she talks about the experience and which products were used to update her look.

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The Occasional Woman: Makeup! Part 1

| Jan 25, 2016 | Comments (0)

Today the head seamstress of The Occasional Woman, Lorraine Anderson, drops the subject of clothing to discuss something many of us could use help and advice about: makeup. It’s not that she’s an expert in the area of face decoration and enhancement. Far from it. Her usual makeup routine is basic and, routine. When she was a teen her paint was extreme. Now it’s minimal and she wants to learn how to do more, but not too much. Dip into cosmetics with her in this first of a two-parter on makeup.

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