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Review: Trans Bodies Trans Selves

| Nov 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

Today Sophie Lynne, our Page Pundit, takes a look at 2014’s “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves.” The book is meant to be a handbook and reference for trans people and features different chapter written by people who have various identities within the trans community.

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Legalizing Discrimination

| Nov 6, 2017 | Comments (2)

Given the political atmosphere we find ourselves living in is it any wonder that trans people have grown fearful? The last administration worked on our behalf to make sure we were given our rights. The Justice Department went to bat for trans people who were discriminated against or attacked. The military was working on letting trans soldiers serve openly. Then with one election all protections and assistance from the federal level was snuffed out. Sophie Lynne is not optimistic that she will be able to survive the Trump administration. She does have an idea of what we all need to do. She discusses that in her blog today.

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Review: The Murder Room

| Oct 23, 2017 | Comments (0)

Sophie Lynne is our Book Pundit. Her beat is to review books with transgender themes, trans characters, or books written by trans authors. Today she tackles a book titled The Murder Room. It came out in 2010 and is a murder mystery of the True Crime genre. Some of the characters featured are trans women and that’s why Sophie is reviewing it today.

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One More Saturday Night

| Oct 2, 2017 | Comments (1)

Saturday day was just another night for Sophie Lynne. A dinner of hamburger helper and relaxing after a long day at work. But for other transgender people there either was no Saturday night or they had to tolerate another night of mistreatment by bigoted people who use “difference” as a focus for their hate. Today Sophie reflects on her Saturday night and how other people with trans identities were treated.

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Review: Surpassing Certainty by Janet Mock

| Sep 25, 2017 | Comments (0)

Our Page Pundit Sophie Lynne takes a look at the latest book from trans advocate, activist, writer and editor Janet Mock. It’s title is Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me. Does Sophie feel the book teaches readers anything? She praises Janet Mock’s contributions to the continuing fight for trans rights, but as for the book. . . ? Read her review and see.

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I Didn’t Ask For This

| Sep 4, 2017 | Comments (10)

Sophie Lynne has gotten a raw deal. She is separated from her family. She works a low paying retail job that barely lets her cover the rent. She is college educated, intelligent, and capable. But she’s also a trans woman. Conservatives attack trans people with allegations that they are mentally ill or just acting out to cause trouble. That’s not true. Being trans is not a choice. Sophie only had one choice; she could either live as a trans woman in a low paying job with all the problems that go along with that, or she could end it all. She shouldn’t have to consider that choice because she didn’t ask for any of this.

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Book review: The Suicidal Mind

| Aug 28, 2017 | Comments (2)

Today our Page Pundit reviews a book that resonates with her personally. It ‘s The Suicidal Mind by Edwin S. Shneidman, a look into the psyche of people who seek relief from a life that they torments them. Sophie decided to review the book since the torment of too many people within the trans community turn to suicide when they can’t live as their true selves. The book, and the review, dip into what Sophie calls “the Darkness” and the author has named the “pyschache.” If you have wondered how it could be possible to take your own life you can gain some insight into that in both this review and the book itself.

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Rally Speech

| Aug 7, 2017 | Comments (0)

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 Sophie was asked to speak at a rally against hate toward trans people. Today she shares the text of the speech she delivered that day. We at TGForum say, well done Sophie.

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Review: “You’re in the Wrong Bathroom”

| Jul 31, 2017 | Comments (0)

You’re In the Wrong Bathroom” and 20 Other Myths and Misconceptions about Transgender and Gender-Non Conforming People by Laura Erickson-Schroth, MD, and Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R. This month’s book is a bit more general than the last few. Written in easy to understand language (but maybe too difficult for a Republican congressman,) this book discusses […]

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Sophie at the GLAAD Media Awards

| Jul 10, 2017 | Comments (0)

Sophie’s friend, author and columnist Jennifer Finney Boylan, contacted her back in May and asked if she would like a ticket to attend the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. At first Sophie was upset because she was scheduled to work the day of the event. But her boss, being a good boss, realized that this was a special moment and gave her the day off. Today Sophie writes about her adventure, the people she met, and how the experience changed her.

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Page Pundit Review: If I was Your Girl

| Jul 3, 2017 | Comments (0)

Sophie Lynne puts on her Page Pundit hat and reviews the Young Adult novel If I Was Your Girl by trans writer Meredith Russo. The book has won a ton of major awards, including Barnes and Noble Best New Books of the Year, Best Books of the Year, ALA Stonewall Book Award – Winner, Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year. See what Sophie thinks of it and its value to cisgender and trans people in today’s Page Pundit Post.

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| Jun 12, 2017 | Comments (0)

Sophie is concerned that her generation of trans people has not succeeded in clearing the way for the younger generations of trans people. Progress was being made and recognition and respect was being earned and then a change of administration shifted the federal stance on transgender right from positive to negative. Sophie writes about two encounters she had while at work that demonstrate the success of the work that has been done and the need for continued work.

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Interview with Trans Writer Jenny North

| Jun 5, 2017 | Comments (0)

Today in Page Pundit Sophie Lynne interviews trans author and cosplay fan Jenny North. Ms. North has a new book, her first novel of TG fiction, titled “Identity Crisis,” and she talks about it, her many hobbies, her self discovery, her other short works of TG fiction, and trans characters in comic books. Read on to meet Jenny North.

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Bad Day? Turtle!

| May 15, 2017 | Comments (0)

Sophie Lynne is happy to be living her truth but along with that happiness comes a burden delivered by people who misgender her, people who excoriate her on social media, and disrespect her in many forms, ranging from telling her she needs “professional help” to attacks from social media “friends” who denigrate her politics. How does Sophie react to all this? She is working to stop it. She has decided to “go turtle.” Withdrawing from social media, disengaging from organizations of which she is a member, and taking comfort in her shell may be the solution.

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The Page Pundit: Long Black Veil

| May 8, 2017 | Comments (0)

Today the Page Pundit, our Sophie Lynne, reviews the latest book, and the first work of fiction in 20 years, from Jennifer Finney Boylin. It’s called Long Black Veil. Six college pals sneak into the shuttered Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Somehow they are locked in. When the door opens on five of the pals come out of the historic prison. One is missing. Thirty years later a body is found in the prison. Yes, it’s a mystery and Sophie gives you a spoiler free review.

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| Apr 17, 2017 | Comments (1)

It’s been over three years since Sophie’s friend Lisa committed suicide. Everyday Sophie is left wondering why, and if she could have done anything, if only she had seen the signs. Lisa removed herself from the world and left Sophie behind. How did Lisa affect Sophie’s life? Before her ultimate act Lisa and Sophie were sisters. They were living their truth together. After she was gone the effect she had on Sophie, and others, before and after her suicide, linger on. Today Sophie talks a bit about before and after.

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Trans books that changed my life: The Basics

| Apr 10, 2017 | Comments (1)

Today Sophie Lynne takes on a new role at TGForum. After featuring her personal story blog for several years we’ve talked her in to taking on a new role as our book reviewer and commentator. She is now the Page Pundit. Today she discusses several books that helped to change her life.

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| Mar 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

TGForum contributor Sophie Lynne found herself, unprepared, behind a podium giving testimony to her town’s borough council about an LGBT equality statute the council was preparing to vote on. Moved to speak when the floor was opened for public comment Sophie put up her hand, was acknowledeged, and went to the podium. What she said proved to be quotable and showed up in the local papers, along with her photo taken as she spoke. The statute passed. But Sophie feels many people who have been symbols for the fight for trans rights haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve. Today she writes about those Symbols.

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| Feb 20, 2017 | Comments (1)

Recognition. Many of us hope for it. To be singled out from the crowd and given a nod or a pat on the back. Others avoid recognition at all costs. Trans people in “stealth” mode for example. They want to be seen as members of their true gender and don’t want anyone telling them how brave they are for being different. So they don’t let the world know. Today Sophie Lynne writes about recognition. Recently she was chosen to appear in a production of The Vagina Monologues and that got her recognition. Because she stepped on to a stage and told her truth. She contrasts that with the recognition she often gets at her workplace. Most of it not good for her soul. Read her post on how she feels about being Recognized.

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The Crisis

| Jan 23, 2017 | Comments (1)

The election and recent inauguration of President Donald J. Trump has raised fears in the trans community. The incoming vice president has, as governor of Indiana, signed laws restricting the rights of LGBT people in his state and supported laws denying trans access to public restrooms. President Trump has flip flopped on trans restroom rights. No one knows what he thinks on various issues. What does the future under the Trump administration hold for trans people? Sophie Lynne is worried, scared, and ready to fight back.

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Late Christmas

| Dec 26, 2016 | Comments (0)

Miss Sophie Lynne was late with her post this month. Of course she has been busy. Works in retail and all that, so you wouldn’t expect her to turn her work in on time after a grueling day on the job. A job with extended holiday hours, too. So when she turned in her assignment late we semi-gave her but she has to have some punishment. That will be stepping up to the front of the room and reading her essay, “Late Christmas.”

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Yes, Another One

| Nov 28, 2016 | Comments (0)

Like many in the U.S. Sophie had hopes for the next four years under the leadership of a more liberal administration, possible with more cooperation from congress, that would protect the rights of trans people. After the election when the Electoral College votes gave the presidency to the Republican candidate Sophie was in shock. She pulled back from social media and had to adjust to this radical shift in reality. Today she shares some of her thoughts on how the election will affect her and other trans people for at least the next four years.

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| Oct 31, 2016 | Comments (0)

Several years ago it was a suggestion from Sophie’s wife that lead her to break down the wall that sealed off her feminine spirit. Her wife suggested that they go to a Halloween party with Sophie as Lois Lane and her wife as Clark Kent. It turned out to be the suggestion that turned Sophie’s life upside down and lead to her transition. That’s why since that fateful All Hallow’s Eve the holiday has had even more of a special meaning for her. Read all about her relationship with the Holiday and wearing costumes in today’s post.

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Unintended Column

| Oct 3, 2016 | Comments (4)

What do you do when the path you have chosen, the path you must follow, takes you to territory that hurts? Takes you to a place where abuse and disrespect are common treatment and there is no, or very little relief. Our dear Sophie Lynne took the path she had to follow and it lead her to that place. A place where her family stepped away from her. A place where crying herself to sleep was the norm. She tried and tried but there was pain. So, she made a plan. A plan for a solemn morning in the peace of Valley Forge Park. But, when that morning came and she was there, alone with the pre-dawn wildlife and her thoughts — she let go of her plan.

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Rent is Due

| Sep 5, 2016 | Comments (0)

Today Sophie reflects (some would say broods but that’s too harsh) on life as she approaches her 2016 birthday. As John Fogerty sang “Big wheel keeps on turning…” so go the years as we travel around the Sun on our small planet and Sophie looks back on the previous revolutions of the cosmic wheel and what she has done with those years. She also lets us know how she “pays the rent.” Today’s post is a moving column that will touch everyone — and it lets us know that we need to start planning her surprise birthday party.

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But Daddy…

| Aug 8, 2016 | Comments (1)

Sophie’ family is going on vacation. Without Sophie. On the ride to the airport Sophie’s daughter asks a question that while on one hand is about attitudes and actions within Sophie’s extended family is also a universal question about why people act the way they do. The answer is too long and complicated to tell her daughter during that airport ride so Sophie dropped of her family and went home to write her daughter a letter, a letter she will receive when she is 18. You can read Sophie’s letter to her daughter today. Have some tissues at hand.

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