Dana Jennett Bevan holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and a Bachelors degree from Dartmouth College both in experimental psychology. She is the author of The Transsexual Scientist which combines biology with autobiography as she came to learn about transgenderism throughout her life. Her second book The Psychobiology of Transsexualism and Transgenderism is a comprehensive analysis of TSTG research and was published in 2014 by Praeger under the pen name Thomas E. Bevan. Her third book Being Transgender was released by Praeger in November 2016. She can be reached at danabevan@earthlink.net.

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I Am Jazz: Susan Bradley Rides Again!

| Jan 29, 2018 | Comments (0)

Constant vigilance is necessary as the media are often not through in researching who they use as an “expert” in shows dealing with trans issues. Dana Bevan is always on the look out for the inclusion of discredited “experts” and she recently caught one on the TLC show I Am Jazz. The offender in question was Susan Bradley, formerly of the Clarke Institute which morphed into the now closed Canadian Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) center. Bradley is against allowing trans kids to be the gender they feel. Read on and find out what other misinformation the show allowed to air.

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Worried about HIV? What you need to know about PrEP

| Jan 1, 2018 | Comments (0)

There is a way to avoid contracting HIV and developing AIDS. Even for people who are sexually active with multiple partners. Of course if you are active you should take all steps to avoid infection. Always use condoms, for instance. But Dana Bevan has important information on another method of protection called “pre-exposure prophylaxis” or PrEP for short. PrEP is a pill taken every day. The drug is similar or identical to drugs used to treat HIV, except the PrEP drug is used to prevent the HIV virus from taking hold rather than lowering existing HIV levels. Learn more in Dana’s column.

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Exploring the Lesbian Tech Subculture

| Dec 4, 2017 | Comments (2)

Our resident scientist Dana Jennett Bevan has spent time studying the behavior of many different segments of our culture. Everything from BDSM players to combat pilots have been subjected to her scrutiny. Today she plunges headlong into the realm of tech lesbians. That is, she explores the subculture of lesbians who work in the Atlanta tech industry. Not to give it away but she concludes that hanging out with tech lesbians can be fun.

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Initially Speaking: LGBTQQIAA vs. MOGII

| Nov 6, 2017 | Comments (0)

LGBT is an “initialism.” Of course LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. But of late the initials have been added to as more identities have been recognized. At the moment we are up to “LGBTQQIAAP” which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual. That’s getting to be quite a mouth full and there are some in mental health and medical circles who want to chop the unwieldy initials back down to three to five letters. Dana Bevan doesn’t think that’s a good idea and today she explains why.

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There Will Always Be Transgender People in the Military

| Oct 9, 2017 | Comments (0)

Dr. Dana Bevan discusses the reasons the administration’s ban on trans people in the military is futile. As a former member of the U.S. military Dr. Bevan knows what it was like to serve while hiding her trans nature. That’s what will occur is trans people are banned. She also talks about why letting trans personnel serve openly is a good idea and goes into just how difficult it will be for the armed services to discharge the 15-20 thousand people now serving.

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A Short Dark Story About Transkid “Desistance”

| Sep 11, 2017 | Comments (0)

A gender clinic in Canada was diagnosing children as transgender and then subjecting them to “reparative” therapy. The clinic claimed that their therapy was effective in getting eighty percent of the children to stop acting out trans behavior. There was only one major flaw in their data (along with several small flaws). The majority of the children were not transgender. Dr. Dana Bevan looks at the studies based on data from the now-closed clinic and shows why it was wrong and how it has been used to dismiss the accepted fact that being trans is something you are born with.

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Transgender May Be Forever

| Aug 14, 2017 | Comments (0)

When “scientific studies” present conclusions about the nature or occurrence of transgenderism our resident scientist Dr. Dana J. Bevan digs into the data and takes a closer look at the numbers. Recently conservatives have based their opposition to treating trans children by giving them hormone blockers and letting them express their true gender by saying that there is no evidence that trans children won’t “grow out of it.” They base this assertion on “clinical data” from psychiatric gender clinics. Dr. Bevan examines that clinical data and comes to a different conclusion.

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Transgender Definitions

| Jul 17, 2017 | Comments (11)

Here at TGForum we have always used the word “transgender” as a term that covers all “trans” activity from fetishistic crossdressers enjoying lingerie in the privacy of their own homes to trans women, fully transitioned and making their mark on the world. Between those two extremes is a broad spectrum of behaviors, identities, and gender expression. To help sort things out and provide some definitions to terms that have come into use over the years Dr. Dana Bevan has written an informative post on Transgender Definitions.

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| Jun 19, 2017 | Comments (1)

Get your notebooks out and prepare to pay attention. Dr. Dana Bevan’s lecture today is all about the science of choice. Some people say that transgender individuals choose to be trans. Trans people say that being trans is not a choice. If it was a choice many say it is not a choice they would make since being trans can bring so much stress and so many problems. So what does the science say? Today Dana writes about choice and touches both scientific and philosophical views on whether or not we consciously chose anything, at all.

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How are the Non-Transsexual Transgender People Faring?

| May 22, 2017 | Comments (13)

A non-transsexual transgender person is someone who leads a double life, presenting as their birth gender for much of the time but expressing their “secret” gender whenever they can. Statistics tell us that there are at least 10 times more non-transsexual transgender people (non-TS TG) than transsexuals so today Dana Bevan talks about the issues faced by the non-TS TG and discusses ways to offer support that addresses those issues.

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Are We in Danger of Alabamafication?

| Apr 24, 2017 | Comments (1)

Opposition to LGBT rights is strongest in the southern states of the U.S. Why is it that these states lead the charge by imposing restroom laws and taking steps to make life harder for their trans citizens? Dana Bevan has the answers to the problem and she shares them with you today in an essay titled Alabamafication. There are many threads to this tapestry of hate and they are seen most clearly in Alabama where corrupt politicians maintain control of the purse strings by making LGBT people the “other” that threatens law and order. Dana has the truth about Sweet Home Alabama and how the rest of the country is at risk of moving in that direction.

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Educate, Don’t Criticize Those Interested in Gender Science

| Feb 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

The article entitled “Are Gender Feminists and Transgender Activists Undermining Science?” (LA Times, February 10, 2017) omits much of the pertinent scientific evidence on gender and obviates a core scientific principle. With respect to gender feminists, the article confuses sex with gender, ignores social anthropology research on culture and omits salient research on transgender causation. […]

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What’s Happening with Trans Kids?

| Jan 30, 2017 | Comments (1)

Dana Bevan looks into what’s going on with today’s trans kids. Unlike the old days when trans kids kept quiet about their gender identity today’s trans kids are coming out much sooner. Is that good for trans children? What problems will they face that are different from the older generation’s who came out later in life? What advantages will they have for coming out at a young age? Dana takes a look at the available data and provides some insights into what we know, and makes recommendations for further study.

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Review: Through the Wormhole: Are There More Than Two Sexes?

| Jan 2, 2017 | Comments (2)

I have always respected Morgan Freeman both as an actor and as a show maker. His Through the Wormhole Series has always been a source of accurate science and entertainment. I have even enjoyed parts of his series exploring God. From astronomy to human and animal behavior, his shows have generally hit the mark. But […]

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What to do about bullying?

| Nov 7, 2016 | Comments (0)

What to do about bullying? That’s a question that we just can’t seem to find a clear answer for. If you take some people’s advice and “stand up to that bully” we often end up enduring more bullying. Going to parents or school administrators doesn’t work. Outside of school the bully is waiting for you. Most LGBT people had to put up with a lot of abuse during their school years and today’s students, and even adults in the workplace, face it today. Dana Bevan has word of a technique that seems to stop a lot of bullying. It comes to us from the Finns.

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Part III: McHugh/Mayer — Politics, Not Science

| Oct 10, 2016 | Comments (1)

Dr. Dana Bevan has been unpacking and refuting the “report” by McHugh/Mayer in The New Atlantis that right wing media sites are now using as proof that being transgender is not real. Dr. Bevan has pointed out the errors in the author’s thinking, whether they are (as they seem to be) intentional, or result from poor research. Whatever the author’s intent we must conclude that their “report” is a political document meant to dismiss the reality of our lives. Even the staff at Paul McHugh’s former employer, Johns Hopkins, have issues a statement saying the “report” is full of errors and is unscientific. Read what Dr. Bevan has to say in her final blog on the McHugh/Mayer report.

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Mayer and McHugh Part II

| Sep 12, 2016 | Comments (1)

A recent report in The New Atlantis, a quarterly journal with conservative or skeptical tendencies was about a “study” done by two individuals, Mayer and McHugh, who oppose the idea that trans people are real. They ascribe trans behavior to mental illness or a phase of child development. Their “study” has been picked up and disseminated by right wing media outlets. Our own scientist in residence, Dr. Dana Bevan, has been going through the Mayer and McHugh “study” point by point and reveals how the authors cherry picked their data. Today she argues that the Mayer & McHugh Report seeks to bring about the end of gender.

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Cherry Picking is Not Science

| Aug 29, 2016 | Comments (12)

Last week a report was published in The New Atlantis, a quarterly journal with conservative or skeptical tendencies. It was about a “study” done by two individuals, Mayer and McHugh, who oppose the idea that trans people are real. They ascribe trans behavior to mental illness or a phase of child development. Their “study” has been picked up and disseminated by right wing media outlets. Our own scientist in residence, Dr. Dana Bevan, goes through the Mayer and McHugh “study” point by point and reveals how the authors cherry picked their data.

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A Transgender Client Bill of Rights

| Aug 15, 2016 | Comments (2)

With the depathologization of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) expected in 2018, its time to tell the Mental Health and Medical practitioners that serve the transgender community what we expect of them. The rewrite of the ICD is expected to create a non-pathological section of the ICD which includes “gender incongruence for adolescents and adults.” Dana Bevan proposes a Transgender Bill of Client Rights.

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Casual Reading About Hormones

| Jul 18, 2016 | Comments (0)

Dana Bevan has been reading about the origins of the Prenatal Testosterone Theory of Being Transgender. That’s the theory that says you become trans due to different levels of testosterone exposure while you’re still in the womb. She finds the theory has roots in eugenics and “therapies” to “cure” homosexuality. The theory has been discredited but that doesn’t keep some people from still pushing for hormone therapy to “fix” gender and sexuality.

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Gendered Toys

| Jun 20, 2016 | Comments (11)

Should toys be gendered? Is it okay for a boy to play with dolls or a girl to play with trains? Play is a very important factor in the development of humans. If they don’t get to play with what they want when they want children can develop differently. Learn the importance of play and both the good and bad of having toys that are marketed to specific genders in today’s post by Dana Bevan.

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Why Do Trans People Exist?

| May 23, 2016 | Comments (2)

It’s quite obvious that transgender people exist. We have been a part of many cultures all over the world since ancient times, and probably before. Conservatives who believe that we are “unnatural” are basing their belief, whether they know it or not, on Traditional Sex-based Theory. Want to know what that is? Read this post by Dr. Dana Bevan. She will explain our entirely natural niche in nature.

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Cultural Change Science

| Apr 25, 2016 | Comments (4)

Recently President Obama admonished Black Lives Matter protesters that they need to be doing more than shouting if they want to move their agenda forward. Protest is often necessary but there needs to be another step beyond protest which leads to real change. Too much shouting can actually hurt the cause. There is real science that can be applied to creating change in a culture. Dana Bevan reveals some of it today and urges its use in the fight for trans rights.

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Science for Dealing With The TSA

| Mar 28, 2016 | Comments (2)

Airport security screening includes the use of body scanners and “pat downs,” otherwise known as being frisked. These security measures are particularly hard on trans people who need to travel. The scanners require their operators to pick a sex for the subject before the scan begins. If they pick the wrong sex that causes scanner errors and problems for the trans traveler. Today Dana Bevan gives you some tips on how to survive the security screening using science.

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Science for the Restroom Wars

| Feb 29, 2016 | Comments (0)

The Restroom Wars rage on with right wing legislators attempting to pass bills to prevent trans people from using public restroom facilities and locker rooms of the gender they identify with. These ill conceived bills don’t recognize the science of gender identity, the biological basis for many genders that prevents simple determination of a person’s gender and makes enforcement of these propose laws next to impossible. Today Dr. Dana Bevan brings in the big guns — scientific facts — in defense of our right to pee where we feel comfortable.

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Medical Help for Transgender Military: Call to Action

| Feb 1, 2016 | Comments (0)

The U.S. military is currently examining the ban on transgender people serving openly. But directives issued last year by the Department of Defense make it clear that the military is aware of its trans soldiers and is going to let them serve openly. Dana Bevan believes that while the road to trans acceptance in the U.S. military is going to be short one the various branches of the service are not at all prepared to deliver medical care to trans soldiers, sailors and airmen/women. Does she think they can get their act together? Read on and see.

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