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The Week In Trans 3/27/17

| Mar 27, 2017 | Comments (0)

It’s all the trans-related news from around the world! It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Carmen Carrera explores the Brazilian trans community for a travel show. Guyana has a law against crossdressing left over from its colonial days. The ‘free speech bus” is oppressive — and vandalized. A boy in Pennsylvania is suing because he had to use the restroom with a trans boy. Poor thing. Say the magic words, “Julie Andrews”! She’s got a kids show featuring a non-binary character. Lady Gaga impersonates herself on RuPaul’s Drag Race. A few stories about North Carolina’s refusal to give up HB2. Alpha Chi Omega sorority is accepting trans women. Drag shows in Texas, silicone pumping gone wrong, and a whole lot more is waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 3/20/17

| Mar 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

Today we learn about a trans contestant on Britain’s Top Model. Time Magazine has a cover story on fluid gender identities. Lawyers are trying to delay Gavin Grimm’s case so he graduates school and looses standing to sue. A Philadelphia trans woman entertainer appears on Say Yes to the Dress. The Steak and Catfish Barn may just be discriminating against trans people. A trans man runs for NYC Council. A Japanese trans man is the first to win elected office in his country. San Francisco won’t pay for employees to go to South Dakota. A trans woman runner is sentenced for attacking a racing official. Casa Ruby, the community center for LGBT people in Washington, D.C. was vandalized. Is Garfield the Cat a girl? There’s all that and a ton more, plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 3/6/17

| Mar 6, 2017 | Comments (2)

Get the scoop on The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a modeling agency for trans people is prospering. Juliet Evancho has won the right to use her school’s girls’ room. The Gavin Grimm restroom case goes before the Supreme Court on March 28 and plenty of people are on his side. An Elle Fanning film in which she plays a trans man will be released in May. A Republican representative will reintroduce the Student Non-Discrimination Act since her son is trans. A ten-year-old trans girl delivers a message that points out the craziness of regulating where she can pee. More research on trans people, more stories about trans people. All that and a lot more, along with a few TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 2/27/17

| Feb 27, 2017 | Comments (0)

It’s time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that after only two episode CBS has canceled it courtroom drama Doubt. Gavin Grimm was misgendered by the complainants in his upcoming Supreme Court case. We examine a raft of stories about the Trump administration’s changes to trans student’s restroom rights. Caitlyn Jenner is upset with Donald Trump. So is Jackie Evancho. Trans helplines are seeing a marked increase in calls. A 17-year-old trans male has won a wrestling title in the girls’ division. There’s all that plus a lot more and several TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 2/20/17

| Feb 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

All aboard the trans news train! The Week In Trans Express is leaving the station with all you need to know about the trans community around the world. Today we learn that the cover boy for CoverGirl makeup is in hot water on Twitter for a bad joke. The Texas legislature is determined to lose the state money by passing a restroom bill. University students are entering their preferred names into the school records. A survey says trans kids who transition early have better mental health. Over 800 parents of trans kids have written a letter to the president urging the government to stand by their children. Caitlyn Jenner explains her mission inside the Republican Party. A trans model is featured on the cover of Vogue Paris. Someone wants to kill Conchita Wurst. There’s all that plus a lot more and several TWIT Awards in this edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 2/12/17

| Feb 13, 2017 | Comments (0)

It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Britain’s Top Model has a trans contestant. The Cub Scouts welcome a trans boy. Israeli trans activist Gila Goldstein has passed away. Laverne Cox debuts on CBS’s Doubt. San Francisco starts a “hire trans” campaign. Amazon Eve goes to a comic book festival in her hometown. Gigi Gorgeous is a lesbian. Trans kids are seeking hormone therapy in Australia at higher rates. In Alberta, Canada it can take months to get trans medical care. Janet Mock has a new book coming in June. There’s a Jazz Jennings doll. Laura Jane Grace appears on The Daily Show to talk about her book. All that plus much more, and a few TWIT Awards, can be found in this edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 2/6/17

| Feb 6, 2017 | Comments (1)

The Week in Trans is on the air! What do we learn today? A Nepalese trans model has made history in India. The Supreme Court is considering the Gavin Grimm case in March. Concerns that President Trump will overturn President Obama’s LGBT protections even when he said he won’t. Australian drag star Courtney Act does Australia 101 for American audiences. The new lineup of competitors on Drag Race is announced. The Boy Scouts open their doors to trans boys. A small town Texas mayor comes out as trans. San Francisco designates the first trans historic district. Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia will offer gender confirmation surgery. The Imperial Court of San Diego has their 45th coronation. There’s all that, plus a lot more, and a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/29/17

| Jan 30, 2017 | Comments (2)

Are you ready? It’s all the trans related news you’d ever want! We call it The Week In Trans! Today we learn that there’s a documentary film about Gigi Gorgeous. Comedian/actor Colin Mochrie has a trans daughter. The state of Wyoming will not be voting on legislation designed to make discrimination legal. David de Alba is profiled in a Las Vegas newspaper. More news from the Restroom Wars. A Marylyn Monroe commemorative stamp used a photo of a drag performer as Monroe. Sweden drops “gender dysphoria” as a diagnosis for trans people. The University of Arkansas drops trans-related healthcare for employees. An 11-year-old actress is eligible for awards in both male and female categories. There’s all that and more in this edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/23/17

| Jan 23, 2017 | Comments (0)

President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. The Canadian airport security service has new policies for trans travelers. Trans girls are now welcome in the Girl Guides. A Thai trans activist wins a personal victory with nationwide effect. Bathroom bills, federal appointments, and last minute actions by the Obama administration to help trans students. President Trump appoints an HB2 defender to the Justice Department. A DC Comics writer comes out as trans and it turns out Batman is a trans ally. Singer Anohni was nominated as best male vocalist 11 years ago. This year she is nominated for best female vocalist. Juliet Evamcho will get her gender confirmation surgery soon. And we have a lot more plus a short number of TWIT Awards in this edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/16/17

| Jan 16, 2017 | Comments (2)

What’s the best aggregation of trans news in the land? It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Hari Nef has been chosen to star in a L’Oréal Paris ad. Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense says he won’t be in a rush to change LGBT policies. So many bathroom bills! A trans women makes a bid for North Carolina’s DNC leadership role. China has a very large number of drag fans. Drag fans in the USA are becoming predominately young and female. A trans model from Nepal isn’t climbing a mountain, she’s walking the runway in Mumbai. Justin Trudeau vows trans prisoners will be housed in prisons that match their gender. Mimi Imfurst is the first USA queen to perform in Cuba. There’s all that and more plus a boat load of TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT.

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The Week In Trans 1/9/17

| Jan 9, 2017 | Comments (1)

It’s time for The Week in Trans! What do we learn this week? Japan has created “genderless danshi.” Denmark declassifies transgender as a mental disorder. HBO’s Vice features two trans cops. A trans man sues a Catholic hospital over canceled surgery. A new play is about a trans woman who teaches etiquette to homeless trans youth. California gives a prisoner gender confirmation surgery. The co-founder of Trans Lifeline was arrested for an expired visa. A trans woman is running for the Virginia House of Delegates. A Chinese trans man won a wrongful employment lawsuit but they say he was not fired for being trans. All that and much more, plus a few well deserved TWIT Awards, is waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/2/17

| Jan 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

It’s all the trans-specific news gathered in one spot! It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Jen Richards will be seen in Nashville. A trans woman in charge of a school in India resigns due to discrimination. An 8-year-old trans boy is kicked out of the Cub Scouts. A trans man offers a woman his seat and she stabs him. The first intersex designated birth certificate is issued. North Carolina loses more business over HB2. A NYC man is recreating Carrie Bradshaw scenes from Sex and the City. Five Filipina trans women compete in the Miss Transsexual Australia contest. Fort Lauderdale’s new tourism ad features a trans model. John Waters was hospitalized but he’s okay. All that and a few TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 12/26/16

| Dec 26, 2016 | Comments (2)

Its time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a Distracted Elf transitioned in the online gaming stream. The Trump transition team wants to know who’s been working on gender equality and they’d like to take names. North Carolina’s HB2 was supposed to be overturned but that didn’t happen. Straight couples are switching clothes for the Switch it Up Challenge. “Bathroom” bills are poised for introduction in many places but they may not ever be law. Women don’t seem to mind trans women in the restroom as much as men do. A plus size trans model makes history. Various studies and surveys on trans have issued results. A trans woman runs for council in Minneapolis. There’s all that and a lot more waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 12/19/16

| Dec 19, 2016 | Comments (3)

Attention! The Week In Trans is on the air! Among our trans-related stories today you will learn that Major League Baseball will no longer be able to haze rookies by making them dress in women’s clothes. Cartoonist Barry Deutsch has a cartoon that sums up the “bathroom bills.” A court has let a trans girl continue to use the girls’ room. A special edition of National Geographic features trans people on the cover. The Coy Mathis documentary premiers in January. Trans women compete in marathons and cycling. The director of Boys Don’t Cry is met with protests. Jackie Evancho is in trouble with Trump supporters for having a trans sister. A young trans girl was instrumental in getting the laws in Malta changed. Trans activists in China held their first summit. Shangela has a naughty Christmas video. All that and more plus some TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 12/12/16

| Dec 12, 2016 | Comments (1)

What do we learn in today’s edition of TWIT? It looks like a gender fluid actor will be nominated for both genders in the “best supporting” category of the Academy Awards. Medicaid in New York will cover gender-transition for youth. Australia tries to update trans specific laws. They’ve also replaced Santa with drag queens. Malta accepts trans identities. Samoa celebrates its trans people. Miss Waria Indonesia 2016 has been chosen. Washington state Republicans seek to repeal anti-discrimination protections. Texas learns nothing from North Carolina and moves ahead on a bathroom bill. Walmart’s health insurance now covers trans related medical care. There’s all that and much more, along with a load of TWIT Awards, waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 12/5/16

| Dec 5, 2016 | Comments (0)

Here we go again! Time for The Week In Trans! What do we learn today? A 73-year-old former female impersonator tells her story. Jennifer Finney Boylan says don’t blame trans people for the election loss. Los Angeles will fund programs to get trans people jobs. “The Trans List” premiers tonight on HBO. East Harlem is getting a transgender clinic. A trans man fired by GE sues. Concerns about the coming administration and some pro bono help with legal matters. 11 trans people in our history. India Willoughby is accused of being a misogynist. A Pakistani trans model does a photo shoot to fight discrimination. There are all those stories and more, including a boat load of TWIT Awards, waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 11/28/16

| Nov 28, 2016 | Comments (0)

And now, the news! Today we learn that Eddie Izzard has won his case against a homophobic harasser. Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina may have lost his job. A trans woman in New Jersey sues for the right to change her documents without surgery. Kristen Beck has applied for a Pentagon job under the next administration. A trans man gets hugs at the mall. Swedish activists wants being trans unclassified as a mental illness. Tupperware’s top selling drag queen experiences a drop in sales after she comes out as trans. A drag queen has performed at the White House for the first time. There’s all that and more, plus several well deserved TWIT Awards in today’s edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 11/21/16

| Nov 21, 2016 | Comments (0)

It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn about a popular Israeli drag performer who comes from a conservative background. We get word that the VA will not be able to provide gender confirmation surgery even though they would like to. A prosecutor’s office in Michigan has adopted a Transgender Interaction Policy. Lil Miss Hot Mess reads to children at a New York City library. Provo, Utah is getting an LGBTQ resource center. A trans woman is running for mayor in her Oregon town. A judge has ruled that MinnesotaCare must pay for trans-related services. YouTube has tons of queens doing makeup tutorials. David de Alba is featured in a Las Vegas newspaper. There’s all that and plenty more waiting for you in TWIT! And yes, we have a few TWIT Awards to hand out as well.

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The Week In Trans 11/15/16

| Nov 15, 2016 | Comments (0)

It’s time for The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Jamaican “gully queens”have appeared in an R&B music video. Thailand’s trans people pay their respects to their deceased king in the demure attire of their gender identity. A trans woman patient in South Africa was treated badly by hospital staff. A drag queen who had lived in L.A. for 25 years returns to east Kentucky. Many opinions on how to survive the next four years from trans activists and attorneys. Kellie Maloney “brexits” England after trolling and abuse. There is a documentary about Coy Mathis and her family. There’s all that a whole batch more plus some TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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