A Christine-Jane Cartoon

| Apr 21, 2014


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About Christine-Jane: Christine-Jane came out in 1983. Her cartoons about the CD world appeared in TG publications in the U.S. and U.K. Currently her only activity is being Secretary of the Mensa TransGender Group. Hobbies (apart from crossdressing!) are amateur drama and photography. Happily married. Lives in England. Loves cats.

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  1. leftboobbigger says:

    Families do get upset when you actually take that advice. Oh, Well, maybe someday I will be able to get the girls back!


  2. lucinda says:

    If a cartoon could only become ones reality, a girl can only fantasize about something like this, I’m a girl who has thought about doing the same thing, but lack the courage to face the consequences that may follow.

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